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Thanks for your interest in becoming a member of suburbia labs. Please read the information in the FAQ below.
The signup form lets me know you’re interested in joining suburbia labs. You’re under no obligation to pay by signing up below.

This is a membership for portrait photographers who want a path to create their own addictive, crave-worthy photos. You’ll find a process inside that helps you work your way through your concept, planning, execution, post processing and delivery.

If you want to improve, then you need to commit to putting the plan into practice and take portraits. Just consuming the material won’t help you create the portraits that are within your ability.

We’ll be here to help, support you, answer questions and provide a community space to interact with other portrait photographers – just like you.

This membership is all about portrait photography. If this isn’t your genre, you won’t find much to help you.

If you already know everything there is to know about portrait photography and can create addictive, crave-worthy photos every time you have a portrait session, then this may not be the right fit for you.

Of course! You may request a full refund within the first 30 days of your membership. No questions asked.

I mean, I’ll ask you for feedback as to why the wasn’t right for you or how we could improve the service, but you won’t have any conditions to get your refund.

Right now, just enter your first name and email address below to get on the Interest List.

I’ll communicate with you to let you know when we open for new members in Suburbia Labs.

Currently, the price for Suburbia Labs is $19.97/month or $197 annually. The cost may be higher if you join later, as we’ll have more resources in the membership to create more value.

Expect to give about an hour a week for the membership. This is about understanding concepts for your future portrait sessions. You aren’t expected or required to do any elaborate portraits a part of learning the Portrait Process.